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The Rules of Television Feminism

Generally, I’m a big fan of dialog – although I may disagree with a position, and vociferously so, there’s not a lot that someone can say that will cause me to shut down listening to that person altogether, particularly if they’ve already proven themselves to be a fairly rigid and compassionate thinker on the whole.  But this week, a feminist blogger who I had followed regularly committed the highest act of intellectual abuse.. Read More

Unpacking Betty’s Knapsack

This past spring, “Ugly Betty” ended its four-year run.  I had stopped watching the show after its (not very good) second season, but when I heard it was over, I headed over to to see how it ended — and the final episodes were so well-done that I joined Netflix for the sole purpose of catching up on seasons three and four (and cancelled my account immediately thereafter).  I’ve been thinking about.. Read More