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Dear Splitsider: Your Dudeliness Is Showing

As any sentient comedy fan knows by now, Tracy Morgan recently said some fucked-up shit in a performance.  An audience member called him on this fucked-up shit, and kerfuffle ensued.  Tracy Morgan issued an apology that, as far as celebrity apologies go, was refreshingly direct and unambiguous.  And then Louis C.K. got interviewed about it and was all like, ‘Hey now!  Everybody SETTLE DOWN!  Tracy Morgan is a COMEDIAN!  Comedians gotta say shit!’ .. Read More

An Open Letter

Dear playwrights, actors, directors, producers, sound board operators, ushers, stage managers, house managers, set designers, lighting designers, and concessionaires: Please.  I’m begging you.  Stop it with the blackface. You may think it’s been long enough.  You may think that all the hullaballoo is just about white liberal guilt, and you watch “30 Rock”, and Chris Rock, and you know that there’s nothing better to make fun of than white liberal guilt, and if.. Read More