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One Of These Days

I’ve been brewing some other posts here for a while, lengthy essays about structural oppression and narrative responsibility and perceptual bias and all that shit, but fuck it: it’s just one of those days where your friends get tear-gassed and you try to fall asleep to the surveilling thwap-thwap of police helicopters, and I’ve got a few words on the matter.   I’ve written before that living in Oakland has brought me in.. Read More

On Violence

Just a thought I had, watching video of the Occupy Wall Street protests – and accompanying police brutality – while also reading responses to the targeted killing of US citizen Anwar Al-Awlaki:   These are connected.   I’ve lived in Oakland for two years now, and in nowhere else I’ve ever called home does police brutality have the presence it has here.  I’ve lived in many places but in Oakland, violence, crime, and.. Read More

On Oscar Grant

I live and work in Oakland, California.  On Friday, I walked out of the office building where I work downtown — through a side door, because the main doors had already been boarded up — into a knot of police officers, patrolling the streets in riot gear.  Their uniforms said they were from Monterey County, two hours away.  It was, to say the least, a strange experience, nor one that many Americans expect.. Read More