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In Which I Continue to Berate Lena Dunham

I’ve said some harsh things about Lena Dunham a few times before, and you’re probably all sick of it by now.  But I’m gonna keep doing it, at least for this post.   Alyssa Rosenberg piqued this particular point of interest, quoting from an NPR interview Dunham did in the spring wherein she defended the all-white cast of “Girls” with this quote: I wrote the first season primarily by myself, and I co-wrote.. Read More


So, I just watched “Girls.”   For those who do not live in the intersection of “feminism” and “comedy”, whose worlds may not have been filled for the last two weeks with “Girls”-related chatter: “Girls” is a new show on HBO, written, directed, produced, created by and starring a young woman named Lena Dunham.  It is, so they say, revolutionary, a feminist achievement, funny and witty and real, even if there are no.. Read More