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Pride Goes Before…

Generally speaking, I don’t recommend staying up late at night by oneself to watch a television show about a serial killer.  Unless that show is “The Fall.”   “The Fall” is a BBC show with one five-episode season under its belt – barely a blip, by American television standards – and a second due in 2015.  The first series aired last year and is available on Netflix; I’d had it recommended to me.. Read More

I Want to Believe

Four and a half years after the second “X-Files” feature film was released – nine years after the series ended its nine-season run as the show that, alongside “The Simpsons,” put FOX on the map as a network – fans are calling for a third film, and there are indications that the studio is listening.   The odd thing about this isn’t that fans want more; fans of anything almost always want more. .. Read More