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From Lily Bart to Chandler Bing

Thanks to all the folks who responded, in one way or another, to my last post. ¬†There were some clamors for the full “Harry Potter” post, so I’ll get to that, but first I just wanted to float a few other ideas relevant to it… ¬† Entertainment and social consciousness has long been a preoccupation of mine – this is why, for instance, I jumped into the whole discussion over at TNC’s blog.. Read More

In Defense of “Friends”

In the last year, I have come to watch, in its entirety, the decade-defining sitcom known as “Friends.” It is not cool, in comedy circles, to be a fan of “Friends.” It is a common, popular show – not as loathed as “Two And A Half Men,” to be sure, but more along the lines of “The Big Bang Theory”: seen as broad and mildly funny, entertainment for the masses more than anything.. Read More