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In Which I Disagree With People Whose Opinions I Generally Support

I have been gone for a bit now, recently returned from a delightful vacation in Madrid, which marked my first trip to Spain.  If there’s anything that cramming 700 years of art history into a few days can teach a person, it’s that human culture doesn’t change easily — the Prado is crammed with great works by great masters that are full of violence (generally religious, natch) or naked ladies (who never have.. Read More

The Last Racebender

I was relieved to discover that “The Last Airbender” received terrible reviews, for a variety of reasons (the cartoon was just about the perfect format to tell the full narrative), but particularly because the characters which were, in the series, ambiguously Asian or Native became, in the film, all white.  Except the villains.  The good guys are all white, and the Fire Nation is now Indian.  NPR’s television blog, which I normally find.. Read More