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New ‘Girls’

The time has come… for retractions.   Last fall, I posted about “New Girl,” the Zooey Deschanel sitcom which debuted to great hype on FOX.  (Remember when that was supposed to encapsulate the experience of the contemporary twentysomething?  Before Lena Dunham showed up?)  Back then, I decried the show’s stereotypical deployment of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl trope; Deschanel’s Jess seemed to exist for the sole purpose of adding sparkle to an apartment.. Read More


So, I just watched “Girls.”   For those who do not live in the intersection of “feminism” and “comedy”, whose worlds may not have been filled for the last two weeks with “Girls”-related chatter: “Girls” is a new show on HBO, written, directed, produced, created by and starring a young woman named Lena Dunham.  It is, so they say, revolutionary, a feminist achievement, funny and witty and real, even if there are no.. Read More

30 Rocks

Two weeks ago I got into a (semi-heated) discussion about this season of “Parks & Rec” versus this season of “30 Rock”; my conversational partner was frustrated with what she perceived as the re-infantilizing of Leslie Knope on the former show, whilst very much enjoying the latter, while my position was exactly the opposite.  I’m tired, I said, of Jack Donaghy being right all the time.   …And now NPR has written an.. Read More


When cultural gatekeepers turn on one another, things can get ugly… or kind of interesting, as in this piece from n+1 on the history of Pitchfork.  (Is elitism additive, or multiplicative?)  I freely admit that my interest in the essay is motivated largely by selfishness, as I have tried for over a year to learn to like Grizzly Bear, and still find them mind-numbingly boring – not bad, just boring – so an.. Read More

“Buffy”: In the end…

So, at long last: my final post on “Buffy”.  (Posts one, two, and three, for those who need a refresher.)   Before delving into any of the show’s politics, this much needs to be said: season seven – the show’s last – is terrible.  Not just mediocre, or bad, but truly, genuinely shit-tastic, such that any greater point is undercut by the horribly contrived narrative mechanics.  To wit:   – Caleb, evil preacher.. Read More

The Rules of Television Feminism

Generally, I’m a big fan of dialog – although I may disagree with a position, and vociferously so, there’s not a lot that someone can say that will cause me to shut down listening to that person altogether, particularly if they’ve already proven themselves to be a fairly rigid and compassionate thinker on the whole.  But this week, a feminist blogger who I had followed regularly committed the highest act of intellectual abuse.. Read More

Twilight: Yeah, It’s The Worst.

Last night, buzzing on hot toddies (because I am sick, but seeing a “Twilight” movie while sober is a fate worse than death), I celebrated my Femikaze co-founder’s birthday as we’ve done for a couple years now: getting drunk and ruining the night for some Twi-hards.  The problems of “Twilight” are numerous – the story is trite and humorless, the gender roles are reductive to the point of absurdity, not a single character.. Read More

Cleveland Rocks

Literally.   (Check out that insane woodwork in the last photo.  The entire house probably cost less than a studio apartment in San Francisco.  The charms of the Rust Belt are real, y’all.)

And now, for something completely different…

TV!!!!   The television season has begun again, and I am blissin’ out to the return of “Parks & Recreation” and “Community.”  I also checked out some of the new stuff, and have – of course – opinions to share.   FOX’s “New Girl” has gotten a lot of buzz.  Zooey Deschanel!  Written by Liz Meriweather, who is somehow a big deal right now even though “No Strings Attached” was actually a really.. Read More