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I Want to Believe

Four and a half years after the second “X-Files” feature film was released – nine years after the series ended its nine-season run as the show that, alongside “The Simpsons,” put FOX on the map as a network – fans are calling for a third film, and there are indications that the studio is listening.   The odd thing about this isn’t that fans want more; fans of anything almost always want more. .. Read More

“Les Mis,” Musicals, & The Art of Criticism

I’ve been excited for weeks about the opening of the film adaptation of “Les Mis”: a big, sprawling, spectacular and semi-insane musical based on the novel (to which all of those same adjectives also apply).  I saw the movie and came away deeply satisfied with a problematic product – even the best art is almost never perfect – but checking out critical reaction online left me frustrated; not with the film, no, but.. Read More

Art & Sexual Politics

Alyssa Rosenberg, reflecting on Salman Rushdie, offers some choice words about art & politics:   …quality conversations and political ones aren’t separate from each other. Falling into dreadful politics can also mean falling into cliche without transcending it. Ignoring the details and realities of life in your search for “what is the case, what is truth and untruth,” a failure to reckon with politics, can mean a failure to tell a truly engaging.. Read More

The Subversive (And Probably Inadvertent) Pro-Choice Politics of “Twilight”

Well, folks, it’s the end of an era.   For the past few years I have celebrated the mid-November birthday of my writing partner and hetero life partner, Kelly – co-creator of both Hobo Pancakes and Femikaze – with a drunken, opening-weekend viewing of the newest “Twilight” film.  It’s been good times; the movies are absurd and during opening weekend the audiences are packed, about evenly split between Twi-hards and folks who just.. Read More

Fall TeeVee Roundup Party Time!

Today, in order to celebrate my bank balance finally climbing above the one-dollar mark*, I sat around and caught up on a bunch of television.  And it was (mostly) awesome.   I have a bit of space to fill in my usual TV routine since I kicked “Up All Night” from the roster.  The show started off strong last year, but by the end of its first season it was showing some stress.. Read More

In Which I Continue to Berate Lena Dunham

I’ve said some harsh things about Lena Dunham a few times before, and you’re probably all sick of it by now.  But I’m gonna keep doing it, at least for this post.   Alyssa Rosenberg piqued this particular point of interest, quoting from an NPR interview Dunham did in the spring wherein she defended the all-white cast of “Girls” with this quote: I wrote the first season primarily by myself, and I co-wrote.. Read More

Fantasy, Fascism, & the Catholic Church

I have a Facebook friend whose posts are absolutely fascinating: vilification of Monsanto (down with big business!), vilification of Planned Parenthood (“Planned Murderhood”), vilification of not just Democrats and Republicans but democracy and republicanism.  It took me some time to make sense of it, but as it happens, this apparently schizophrenic constellation of political philosophy is just… Catholic.   I was raised Catholic and spent fifteen years of my education at Catholic institutions,.. Read More

The Merits of “Miss Congeniality”

I was going to write a quick bit about the whole Daniel Tosh business (or, as I like to call it, the Annual Rape-Joke Discussion: In Which Comedians And Assholes Everywhere Band Together For The Right To Publicly Act Like Dicks Without Any Consequence Ever, And Then Call It “Just Comedy,” As Though Comedy Is An Easy Or Straightforward Thing, Because Free Speech!!!!!!!, Even Though Censorship Is Not Really At Issue And Audience.. Read More

A Song of Ice & Feminism, Part Two: In Defense of Sansa Stark

I know I said I wasn’t going to post a big long thing about “A Song of Ice & Fire,” but in email conversation with my dear friend Patrick Barry (who is, like, 80% responsible for the existence of this blog in the first place), it came about that I have Lots of Thoughts about the person who seems to be pretty universally least-liked among all of the series’ point of view characters:.. Read More

A Song of Ice & Feminism

I recently completed a breakneck, obsessive read of George RR Martin’s “A Song of Ice & Fire” series (aka “the Game of Thrones series”, as HBO has made it known).  My brother, a devoted fantasy fan, has been attempting to get me to read the books for well over a decade; other friends have chimed in over the years, and after I saw a couple episodes of the show and my brother explained to me.. Read More