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Iron Lady to Iron Throne: Westeros as an Argument for “Society”

This post contains spoilers for all books in “A Song of Ice and Fire” and the entire series to date of “Game of Thrones.”   “There is no such thing as society.  There are only individuals, and families.” -Margaret Thatcher   “I am yours.  And you are mine.” -Ygritte to Jon Snow; Shae to Tyrion; Osha to Bruni (referenced)   You guys.  “Game of Thrones” has been so good this season.   The.. Read More

Duly Noted

To keep you occupied over the holiday weekend:   – A fascinating (and vitally important) detailing of the process by which laws are actually enacted.  It’s not short, but then, it is a complicated process, and one in which significant pieces of publicly supported legislation endure dramatic alterations in often-underreported fashion.   – Who has two thumbs and is super amped for the S3 “Game of Thrones” premiere?  LOTS OF PEOPLE!  Including this.. Read More

From One So Small

“But seriously what if Spin Doctors’ "Two Princes” is really a treatise on the dual leadership of the principality of Andorra?“   …Quoting one’s own Twitter feed on one’s own blog might be the very pinnacle of web-enabled narcissism.  But while it took a good deal of effort to craft a comprehensible 140-character pun encompassing both 90s jam-pop and the strange political institutions of Europe’s sixth-smallest nation, my point in using it isn’t.. Read More