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A Song of Ice & Feminism

I recently completed a breakneck, obsessive read of George RR Martin’s “A Song of Ice & Fire” series (aka “the Game of Thrones series”, as HBO has made it known).  My brother, a devoted fantasy fan, has been attempting to get me to read the books for well over a decade; other friends have chimed in over the years, and after I saw a couple episodes of the show and my brother explained to me.. Read More


I am in love. Gangstagrass is a new album — and I mean “new” on a conceptual level — that’s a crossover effort between bluegrass and hip-hop.  On first glance they seem like opposites, inhabited by incompatible binaries (black/white, urban/rural, liberal/conservative), but a closer reading reveals striking similarities: both are largely outsider narratives, both tend to deal fairly directly with social inequities, and both are distinctly American.  Both are also, commonly, not very.. Read More