Index of Essays


Thinking Through the MCU

“I Want to Believe”: “X-Files”, Scully, & Feminism

“Twilight”: Secret Pro-choice Masterpiece?

“Twilight”: Colonialist Garbage?

Feminism & “The Fall”

“Les Mis” & Musicals

“Ugly Betty” & Race

“Glee” & Feminism

The Rules of Television Feminism

“Girls,” Parts I and II

Re-Evaluating “New Girl”

In Defense of “Friends”

“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”: Parts I, II, III, and IV

A Song of Ice & Feminism, Parts I and II

The Merits of “Miss Congeniality”

“Ghostbusters,” Rape Culture, & Telling Better Stories

Avatar: The Last Racebender

Hip-Hop & Technology

Foo Fighters 4 Lyfe

Fantasy, Fascism, & the Catholic Church

Franzen, “Freedom,” & Feminist Lit

Iron Lady to Iron Throne: Westeros & Society

Nobody Knows How to Fund This: A Brief History of the Arts

The Power & Perils of Storytelling

Your Blackface is Not OK

Whiteness As Default

From Lily Bart to Chandler Bing

The Importance of an Audience

Classical Music

“The X-Files” Season Ten


Architecture & Urbanism

The False Promise of Disney

Farmers’ Markets & Food Stamps

The Maps We Make

Jane Jacobs & Robert Moses



Learning & Doing

Foreign Languages & New Perspectives

Learning from Difference

Data & Reform

To Be A Teacher

Science, Higher Ed, & the Labor Market

The Meaning of Work

Teachers’ Unions & Ed Reform, Parts I and II



The Futility of Violent Protection

Andorra & Empire

Revolutions, French & American

The Inheritance of Plunder

Whiteness & Historical Interrogation

Our Health

Poverty & Politicking


On Oscar Grant

Davos Man

Black History Month

On Food & Cooking

Conversations With White People

The Immigrant Dream

Oakland, Occupy, & Police Power

On Idealism


Reflections on Love

Propagating Grace

The Limits of Minimalism

On Depression

On Healing

On Activism

On Violence

Radical Compassion


Celebrating Books & People

On Homelessness