Me: would you judge me if i started eating roadkill?


Jingles:  dude what

why would do that…


Me:  it’s just an idea


Jingles: ???


Me: get some good fresh meat for free


Jingles:  that’s not a thing you need to do, right?

there are ways to obtain food


Me:  well, yesbut what are the objections to eating roadkill?how would it be different than eating hunted meat?i mean, i would use caution in roadkill selection



Jingles: why not just huntwhy find gross, post collision animalsof random species


Me: hunting takes to much efforteating roadkill is the lazy man’s hunting.


Jingles: well i’m pretty sure getting a 6 pack of chicken breasts from TJ’s is the lazy man’s hunting