I haven’t seen “Enlightened,” but I’m intrigued now: apparently, it fully explores the consequences of standing up against an entrenched interest.  All too often stories of activism are presented simplistically, in the vein of “Erin Brockovich,” wherein the activist struggles but is ultimately triumphant; rarer are the stories in which the activist is ultimately beaten down by their own sacrifice, in which they must grapple with whether or not their actions had any consequence.  (That “The X-Files” took this as possibly their most overarching theme across nine seasons and two movies might be why I love it so.)


Activism is a strange thing.  It doesn’t always produce the results necessary for real and lasting social change, but it’s also usually the necessary first step to making change happen.  It’s no guarantee of positive change and for their efforts activists are more often marginalized than rewarded, but without it, change might never come.