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In which four AmeriCorps alumni attempt to make plans. Nic:  Hello beautiful people, I know that there was a preliminary push for an Ameri-Hangout on Friday, but I was hoping to get the ball rolling with concrete plans! Who all is available on Friday? Would we want to do dinner? Just drinks? No drinks (I’m kidding, that’s not really an option)? Tentatively an 8 pm meet up in the East Bay? I do.. Read More

Come Healing

I wrote this two weeks ago.  I sat on it for a bit but have decided to go ahead and put it into the world now. behold the gates of mercy/an arbitrary space and none of us deserving of the cruelty or the grace… (sincerely, l. cohen.) Like so many others I am surprised by the weight of my reaction to Robin Williams’s suicide; he seemed a fixture in the universe, a font.. Read More