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ALSO MY FIRST COMMENT ON TNC WAS SO AWESOME THAT HE KICKED IT UP FROM THE COMMENTS TO HIS ACTUAL BLOG.   And he, you know, added some really thoughtful stuff to it, too.

American Dreaming

One more for today: the NYTimes has a beautiful, moving personal essay from a Pulitzer-prize-winning reporter, coming out as an undocumented immigrant (aka illegal alien).  It made me cry in public, and the only other time that’s happened was when I broke my ankle.  I still remember the moment I found my mother’s green card, buried in a box of memorabilia: I’d always known, of course, that she was an immigrant, but that.. Read More

Building the Future

Two good posts today, with divergent takes on urban experience:   1.  Colorlines discusses ground-up initiatives in urban agriculture – this time, coming from immigrant communities and people of color.  The foodie movement is easy enough to dismiss as the purview of rich white people, but doing so overlooks both the movement’s goal (inclusive food justice) as well as many of its active participants.  Sure, Michael Pollan might be the figurehead, but solutions.. Read More