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Dear Splitsider: Your Dudeliness Is Showing

As any sentient comedy fan knows by now, Tracy Morgan recently said some fucked-up shit in a performance.  An audience member called him on this fucked-up shit, and kerfuffle ensued.  Tracy Morgan issued an apology that, as far as celebrity apologies go, was refreshingly direct and unambiguous.  And then Louis C.K. got interviewed about it and was all like, ‘Hey now!  Everybody SETTLE DOWN!  Tracy Morgan is a COMEDIAN!  Comedians gotta say shit!’ .. Read More

Livin’ Large

Hey! Want to get all riled up with some data-driven anti-corporate sentiment?? Yeah, you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t… for a fine overview of the American obsession with productivity (and the fact that all of its financial gains accrue to the top), read this bit of journalism. And then learn about how corporations are giving lip service to the idea of hiring and reducing unemployment in order to give even MORE money.. Read More