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I would be remiss not to offer some thoughts on the Big Story Of The Day, but two people have already said everything that can be said, and more eloquently: 1.  Radley Balko reflects on the cost of killing one man; and 2.  Kai Wright discusses the warped logic that killing one man is a valid source of American exceptionalism.   In less-topical reads, The New Yorker offers a handy intellectual overview of.. Read More

‘Ghostbusters’, Rape Culture, & Telling Better Stories

A couple nights ago I was in Valparaiso, couch-surfing with some lovely folks who happened to have cable television – ‘cable’ being a kind of international code for ‘American.’  I channel-surfed and happily happened upon a VH1 showing of one of my favorite comedies, ‘Ghostbusters’.  I hadn’t seen it in a while (five years?) but for the last fifteen years or so it has occupied a high designation on my favorites list, as.. Read More