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Radical Compassion

I remember discussing the etymology of the word “compassion” in a high school theology class; to hear Mrs. Swisher explain that compassion was not timid, not pitying, but rather the most selfless engagement of which humans are capable – to literally suffer with, empathy of the highest order.  Love is not only idealized but idealizing (and broad), while compassion is a narrowly defined challenge to accept the reality of human experience outside of.. Read More

Learning & Doing

On the whole, I was never, at any point in my education, a particularly diligent student.  Homework was done on the fly and studying was for suckers, and the crazy thing was that I not only got away with this attitude, but I got into Caltech with it.  (At that point, my lack of discipline caught up with me.)  What’s interesting, though, is that in spite of my disinterest in getting straight A’s,.. Read More