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Streets Ahead

(Shout-out to fellow fans of “Community”…) What’s so remarkable and fascinating about architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture and urban design is the way in which the built world so permanently enshrines so much complication: conflicting incentives, political ideologies, racial and class tensions, aspirational faith in technology.  It’s why the Jacobs-versus-Moses dichotomy continues to resonate to this day, and it’s why regular critical interrogation of design and building practices — across all scales —.. Read More

Required Reading

To my mind, one of the most fascinating elements of contemporary conservatism is the antipathy towards urbanism.  Social conservatism’s central pillars are, after all, economic self-sufficiency and “small town” values — knowing your neighbors, family-orientedness, etc.  (This is a generous reading of conservatism, but one that conservatives themselves often claim.)  Similarly, much of the urbanist movement since the 1990s has been rooted in the philosophy of famed urban thinker Jane Jacobs, who abhorred.. Read More